The situation

This is my first blog and I don’t know what I’m doing so forgive any errors or omissions. I decided to create it both to answer the hundreds of emails and texts and calls I’ve received from people who care about Ali and about me and my family and also to fill some of the agonizing hours of waiting. I will try to keep it updated regularly but no promises.

On Monday evening at about 6:30, Ali and Luc were crossing the street at the intersection of Grand and Bellevue near Lake Merritt near Oakland, CA. We don’t know how or why but they didn’t see an oncoming car and the driver didn’t see them either. They were hit at a pretty high rate of speed. Contrary to what we were initially told, it was not a hit and run. The driver stayed and called 911.

Both Ali and Luc were both knocked unconscious but their injuries were quite different. Luc had some very bad head and facial abrasions, a concussion and also broke his leg below the knee. Ali, on the other hand suffered what her doctor termed, “catastrophic brain injury.” She arrived at the hospital unable to breathe on her own and scoring near the bottom of what’s called the Glasgow Coma Scale – registering a 4.

Ali has been put in a medically-induced coma while the doctors work feverishly to keep her brain swelling down – that is the greatest enemy at this point. Her greatest ally, on the other hand, is her age. What few people survive this and reclaim some sort of life are almost always young. The next 24 hours will be critical as swelling tends to worsen. It could kill her. If she can survive it then we start to think about how much of her is left and what kind of life she could have. That could take a very long time to determine.

It goes without saying that my family and I are devastated by this. To see our sister and daughter in this condition is more than we can take. We are mystified as to how this can happen to anyone, much less to our family, twice. And our hearts are breaking for Luc who found in Ali a soulmate and a companion since he was 12 years old. But we are surrounded by friends and family who are driving and flying in from all over. And your emails and texts have helped immensely. Please continue sending your thoughts and prayers for Ali. We need a miracle. And we haven’t counted one out.


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