A scare (and some fresh hope)

I am typing this from home as I flew back to LA this evening to be with my 3 year old and my 2 week old. In the meantime, my mom (Ann) told me the following : earlier tonight Ali had a critical episode in which her ICP shot up into the 50’s – extremely high and dangerous. Doctors quickly called everyone into the ICU. They were apparently preparing family and friends to say goodbye. Everything that could be done was being done and there was no emergency intervention possible. But mercifully, after some hardcore bedside meditation by Jerry (dad), her ICP (inter-cranial pressure) dropped back down to the low 30’s. We still would like to see it under 30 but this is much more tolerable. Furthermore, the oxygen profusion in her brain – another crucial element for recovery and repair – went up to 24. That’s the highest it’s been and, crucially, above 20 which is the benchmark. Most hopefully however is that she started to breathe a little bit on her own, assisting the respirator approximately every four breaths.

We are not even close to out of the woods of course. But Ali continues to demonstrate real toughness and determination. I personally have been in the throes of terrible grief assuming it’s all over only to be inspired to hope once again. It’s a terrible emotional roller coaster but I’ll take it if it means we keep getting another day.

Thank you all again for your thoughts and prayers (and especially to all the people who have worked diligently to find leads for Dr. Manely). It means the world to us.



5 thoughts on “A scare (and some fresh hope)

  1. Eric – it’s your cousin, Deanna. Thank you so much for taking this on in this incredibly difficult time. I am sending my strongest, most healing thoughts, added to the bunches Ali is already receiving. I have asked my employer, Michael Tilson Thomas, if he can help find an avenue to Dr. Manley. He knows people who know people, and was instrumental in getting me to a great doc when I had some need. Much love.

  2. We are reaching out to Bill’s friend who is a neurologist in AZ to see if he has a connection to Dr. Manley. A shot in the dark, but you never know. We love you guys. I know you will have extra hugs and kisses for Sammy and Max during this time. Sending you all the same. -Schieffs

    • John Conway here,
      Retired co-worker
      Another big Thank you for taking this on. Heard about this terrible event third hand, then nothing, and nearly went crazy. Sometimes wonder now wether it’s worse to know nothing, or to ride this roller coaster with you and your family. Would much rather ride with you. I’ve known Ali since she first began volunteering with us and have always been impressed with her perserverance, determination and drive to learn. And when she learns she excels. I pray she is learning, with each crisis and recovery. If anyone can survive this kind of injury she can and will.
      Warm healing thoughts and prayers…

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