Can anyone help?

Today has been replete with setbacks. We haven’t had a formal sit-down with Ali’s doctors so we don’t really have a sense of whether or not this is how it goes – two steps forward, one step back – or if she’s taken a definitive turn for the worse.

In the meantime, even though we have a lot of confidence in the team here at Highland Hospital, we were made of aware of the guy for head trauma in the Bay Area. His name is Geoffrey Manley and he’s based at of UCSF. Right now we don’t have any way to contact him short of a cold call (which I’ve already done). This is a shot in the dark but I’m wondering if anybody out there knows anyone in the UCSF neurology department. No one here has any idea if he’s in town, willing to consult or even whether he has anything more to offer in terms of her care. But at this point we want to try everything.

Thank you.


11 thoughts on “Can anyone help?

  1. I sent you a link to the doctor who did brain surgery on Jeff Peck several years ago. At that time, your dad said he was THE guy. Hopefully, they can help with information. He’s at Cedars.

  2. My name is Christopher Edwards and I am one of the park rangers at the park with Ali.

    You may already have considered or done this, but I had a suggestion form my mother who is a registered nurse.

    She unfortunately does not know anyone in the UCSF neurology department. She did, however, indicate that it was very common to request second opinions and that the usual way of doing this was to ask Ali’s current doctors to refer her to another doctor for such an opinion and that you can specifically request Dr. Geoffrey Manley. She said doctors are use to these requests and that this is the most common way to get a specific doctor you are having trouble reaching on your own to look at your medical situation.

    Hope this is useful.

    All the best to Ali, Luc, you and your family.


    • Braden, Sean
      Sean Braden is Dr. Manley’s nurse practioner at SF General Hospital for neurosurgerey and trauma. I don’t have his direct phone number, only Sean’s email It is very confusing to get appointments and referrals. I would email Sean and see if he can help direct you and copy Mary Vassar who runs the department. From my experience I emailed Dr. Manley directly and never heard back, as did a friend of mine who is a director of UCSF Diabetes Center trying to make contact for me and got no response.
      Sean Braden, NP
      Neurosurgery and/or TBI Clinic
      San Francisco General Hospital and Trauma Center
      1001 Potrero Ave., 4J
      San Francisco, CA 94110
      Appointments: 415-206-4420
      (new patients must be referred, TBI/Concussion clinic by referral only)
      Fax: 415-206-4373

  3. eric….thoughts and prayers with you and your family. we are checking on ucsf doctor connections. will keep you posted. love to you and the family. the pofskys

  4. Hi, my name is Kirsten and I work at the park, too. A family friend is a cardiologist at UCSF and I’ve just contacted them to see if they have a way through to Dr. Manley. I will post here again when I get an answer or you can email me directly at kckvam at hotmail.

  5. I am praying for Ali, Luc and your entire family. I am just heart broken. I wish I could help in your pursuit for Dr. Manley. Much love, hugs and prayers being sent – Marianne Nolte

  6. Sadly, I have no connection to UCSF other than my own surgery there for a brain tumor in 1996. I did, however, want to tell you I have many people here in the midwest praying for Ali and the family. Your Aunt Kathleen has been one of my best friends for 25 years and I have heard about Ali and the family for all that time. God bless you all. One of my favorite mottos is “Miracles Happen After a Lot of Hard Work.” Go, Ali’s Angels – Love Nansi

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