Ali did not respond to the aforementioned neurological reflex tests this morning. We hope this is just a temporary setback in an otherwise hopeful set of developments.


6 thoughts on “Setback

  1. Tough to resd about any setback but so great to read about the improvements. Hoping for – looking forward to – more positive news, kerping Ali and all of you in my thoughts.

  2. Thinking about all of you every day! At a time like this when we all feel so helpless, your “blog” keeps us connected to you!
    Much love to all!

  3. Dear Annie, there hasn’t been an hour that’s gone by that Ali has been out of my thoughts. I’m sorry I am only now writing. I discovered I didn’t have your current email address, and I only learned about this blog today.

    I also want to let you & Jerry know I wrote a note to my neuro-oncologist at UCSF, Dr. Butowski, to ask him if he could at all expedite your request for a consultation with Dr. Manley. I don’t know if my note will go anywhere; it can’t hurt. I told him it was extremely urgent.

    I am hoping for a miracle. Please let Harry and me know what we can do for you. We always have a room for you, just ask.
    Debbie Hecht

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