ICP score

Quick update: Ali’s Inter-cranial pressure has dropped dramatically to around 16 and 17, basically half of what it was. Her oxygen profusion remains at a very good 24. She has stopped breathing on her own but the nurse didn’t see that as a bad thing because, while it’s great to see Ali’s body working, fighting the ventilator for control can actually add to anxiety and physical stress.

Fingers crossed.


2 thoughts on “ICP score

  1. My heart is saddened by the news. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Positive thoughts to Ali and everyone! Love, Alex Margolin

  2. Eric, thank you for these updates and keeping folks in the loop. My name is Kristal; I’m a park guide at SF Maritime. I am thinking of Ali and your family everyday. As evidenced by others’ comments, she is a big asset to our park and very highly regarded among us. I haven’t had many opportunities to work with Ali directly, but recently she had been training a few of us in basic rigging work. That was when I got to witness her skill and professionalism up close. Just last week she taught me how to sew on canvas and it was so much fun – not just the learning part but also hanging out in the galley and chewing the fat, as they say. Ali is a really kind, funny, and talented person and her presence around here is sorely missed. I sincerely hope with all my heart that she gets well soon. She’s got a large extended family that is rooting for her and Luc.
    Big hugs and best wishes,

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