Another note from Annie

This is a note my mom asked me to post early yesterday before we got the pessimistic update from Ali’s medical team. While circumstances seem to have changed, I think it still should be heard. Please include Luc in your prayers. He needs all our strength and support to heal both physically and mentally.

From Annie: two additional pieces: Luc’s influence needs to be acknowledged as undoubtedly the deepest influence on her having been able to hold on and make progress so far. He sits beside her for hours despite his own injuries and pain, soothing her, talking to her, stroking her arm & holding her hand. When Jerry was trying to lend his meditative influence, Luc was across the bed encouraging her persistently, quietly: “Go girl.”. I believe they formed a circuit and brought her back into safe territory. And, her ICP went down to 4 overnight. Superb



11 thoughts on “Another note from Annie

  1. Our hearts and prayers go out to Ali and Luc as well as the extended family. Ali and Luc have been a big part of the PSPYC family and their life story has brought joy to all of us. Thank you for this site, we all care deeply.

  2. do not let the doctors discourage any of you. Thery have been wrong in these circumstances before. Ali, Luc and their families are in my prayers and thoughts constantly.

  3. Thank you so much for these updates. Luc and Ali are both constantly in our thoughts. These ups and downs have been incredibly difficult, but I have an incredible amount of faith in both of them. Although it’s very difficult to have the doctors be so pessimistic, I understand that they need to be. And it makes it all the more important that we stay positive and strong and optimistic, not just for Ali but also for Luc whose energy is a constant presence and encouragement for her. I’m sending my strongest and most optimistic thoughts and love to both of them and to all the family and friends by their side at the hospital. Stay strong.

  4. My heart, love and heartfelt prayers go out to Ali and Luc and all their family. Ali & Luc have always held a dear special spot in my heart and they bring such a special light and great joy to all of us here at PSPYC. We all love and care so deeply about them and will keep those prayers and strong positive thoughts coming every moment. To Ali and to Luc… Love you!

  5. I and the San Francisco Maritime NHP staff continue to send our good thoughts and prayers to Ali & Luc and their families and friends. Her kindness and intelligence, love for all things maritime, and zest for life guide us as we go about our days, interact with each other and park visitors, and reflect on the meaning of the holiday season. Craig Kenkel, Superintendent

  6. The England Family (Lilly’s Oregon cousins) are keeping you all in our thoughts and prayers during this very difficult time. Thank you for keeping this blog going with updates. We will continue to pray for peace and healing for all.
    John and Kate England

    • Ali and Luc are incredibly special people and they are constantly in our thoughts prayers and am sending out as many good vibes toward them and chanting and singing for their recovery..If anyone can overcome this terrible situation those two with all the love going towards them and constant spiritual backup those two wonderful incredible people can. They could not have a better support group. With big love from Barb & Steve

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