6 thoughts on “Flying!

  1. We are holding Ali, Luc and all the families in our hearts and prayers, sending love and strength to each of you as this terrible story continues to unfold. John and Anne Tucker

  2. Preemie,infant, toddler, playdays & playmates, dolls,ridding lessons,trips to kansas city,home schooling at its best,a brilliant mind, skilled at many crafts, the sound of the sea, the sea, sail boats
    adolesence, trip to spain, hawaii,and other learning experiences, a only daughter, a only sister, a only niece, a only grandaughter, a cousin, a special auntie, a very loyal friend, humor, smiles, laughs, an accomplished equestrian, brave, top of the class with honors, independent, strong, sensative, a hard skilled worker, a planner, a safe driver, a yachtswoman, a rigger, a leader, a organizer, a teacher, kind, generous, a challenger, a precious beautiful bride, a soulmate, a best friend and wife to the most precious love of her life, her man, her boy, enduring love, a daughter-in-law, a sister-in-law.loved so much, all our love and comfort ALI

  3. I am so very sad and have many friends and students of mine praying for the families. I can only imagine the depth of the sorrow. I am a god-mom of Luc’s and I know that he, with the support of the love from family and friends will make sure that his dear wife, Ali, will never be forgotten. Prayers and love,

  4. I would like to add my prayers and all my love to each and every one of you during this terrible time. My heart is breaking over such sadness. Stay strong and your strength will be passed on to Ali. What a joy it was to meet Ali and Luc at Christmas with all the Johnson family. Ali and I such such a connection talking about being “liveaboards”.

    Love and hugs to all, Jule Johnson

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