Terrible news

Annie here. Sadly the doctors are telling us now there is really no path to recovery for Ali. We are trying to come to grips with this. We will have a second opinion from the top trauma surgeon at UCSF, but don’t expect a different assessment. Please keep this incredible level of love and support coming. You have held us up and these coming days will be very hard.



21 thoughts on “Terrible news

  1. Sending love from the Yeh family. We are so sad! It is too unfair to go through this TWICE. I cannot imagine how you are all still standing. Wish we were there to hug and support you in person.
    Love, Jaim, James, Steven, Meagan and Matthew

    • Altho I don’t personally know Ali and Luc, I know how special they are because they are part of my dear friend, Kathleen Day’s family! Kathleen is a very special friend and my heart aches for her pain, but more than that, for your family and what you have suffered before and are enduring now…you are inspirational and exceptional. My thoughts and prayers go with all of you….and to my dear Kathleen.

  2. That is devastating news. I am so very very sorry. My heart goes out to Luc and the families. Please know that I am thinking of you and if I can be of any assistance do not hesitate to contact me.

  3. We are so sorry to hear about this tragedy! She and Luc are in our prayers, We are fellow members of the Club and only heard the news yesterday. We will continue to monitor the reports and await good news. Nick and Catherine Dvorak.

  4. My family is saying many prayers for all of you. luc, be assured that God is with you and your family at this terrible time. I will continue to pray for a mercile.

  5. Barbara Ohler and I have been deeply saddened by the stream of news… We have not wanted to intrude… how wrong this is…

  6. Dear Annie & Jerry, Our hearts go out to you in this unspeakable time of grief and sadness. There is no reasonable explanation of how this could come to pass a second time. I wish we could embrace and support you in person. We know that no words can take away the hurt, but, we want you to know that we have followed your journey,, speaking to Eric several times a day and notifying old friends of the events. We have felt heartened by the positive reports and saddened by the negative. Now, that we know there is no hope, we can only mourn with you, never quite knowing the depths of yours and Jerry’s, Eric’s and Luc’s sadness at losing such a bright spirit. We are there for you in any way we can be helpful. With love,
    Francine & Marty

  7. I am deeply saddened by this news. We were all hoping for the miracle that hasn’t come!
    I am there for you any time you need to talk. For this horrific thing to happen to you and Eric twice, is almost impossible to fathom!
    Adam & I are keeping you, Jerry , Eric and Luc close to our hearts.
    Much love,
    You sister-in-law

  8. Here is another shot of big love and heartfelt prayers from Barb & Steve.If we can do anything to help you please let us know do not hesitate. ♥

  9. We can’t stop thinking about them. Little things they did at the boat club mean so much now. I don’t pray much anymore but I have been all week. Hang on Ali. Stay strong Luc.

    Matt, Lisa and Morgan.

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