From Linda Kibler


One thought on “From Linda Kibler

  1. Lorna Shashinda here, wife of RobĂ©rt Shashinda, both of Master Mariners. I know Ali and Luc from Master Mariners and our visits to the yacht club. I didn’t see them often, but every time I did, my heart was filled with the beauty of those two spinners of life. Physically gorgeous, brilliantly clever with artists’ eyes, fabulously skilled, able to roll with whatever needed tending to, stoutly responsible, and full of good humor. One of the last times I saw Ali was when she and Luc were bartending in the St. Patrick’s Day pictures as shown in Linda’s photo-montage. It was such great fun playing accordion to my husband’s fiddle as Luc and Ali kept the party lubricated. Luc, there is nothing anyone can do or say to change events, but there is great, great love for you, for your and Ali’s families, and for Ali and her indomitable spirit. You community is here for you in whatever way you need us to be. Much love, Lorna.

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