From Deborah Hect

I would love to see photos of Ali riding her horses. I think that a lot of her current friends know her mostly through her love of the sea. They might be blown away to see photos of her dressage riding.

I only had a few encounters with Ali, but they were so very significant for me that they are emblazoned in my memory I’ve known Luc since he was eleven, when I was an Assistant Scout Master in Paul’s Boy Scout Troop. One year, when I was at Wolfeboro, the Scout summer camp, Ali came up to visit Luc and Luc Introduced me to her. I think Luc was in high school by that time, and Ali in college. Luc and Paul had told me a bit about Ali before I met her. I knew she was a serious equestrian. I had an equestrian past and had ridden some dressage, so thinking that would make easy ground for conversation, I asked her how she got involved in dressage, which is unusual for a youth. Ali just stared at me, probably wondering what this older woman, wearing a Boy Scout uniform, was about. The more I tried to engage her, the less Ali said; I doubt she uttered more than three words. Talk about not suffering fools gladly! Zip ahead to the day of her wedding. Ali and I found ourselves in one of those deep, short conversations about life that every so often takes one by surprise. I immediately knew I was speaking with a brilliant young woman who was completely self-assured, who knew exactly where she was going in life, and who was overflowing with joy about her imminent marriage. Perhaps it was this joy that broke through her usual shell, but I fell in love with Ali as I loved Luc and all the Maheu family. I have followed Ali and Luc on Ali’s Facebook page and have watched this incredible, almost fairy tale-like life unfold. Ali’s brilliance and depth came through in her writing, her passion for the old crafts of seafaring and her amazing rope work, her photographic work and her energy for pursuing so many things. I only wish there were time to get to know her better. Usually, for me, life intervenes. This time, it is cruel, untimely death. I don’t think any one else’s death has ever made me this sad.
Debbie Hecht


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