From Elli Naill

I first met Ali when she and Luc joined Point San Pablo Yacht Club and they moved in to stay. You are right, she was quiet. Our first real conversation was after they went to Ireland and the subject of knitting came up. We had something in common there, and I think it combines the quietness and the use of hands that was so much a part of her.

The thing that stuck me most about Ali and Luc both was driven passion about things and each other and life goals in such young people. As an older person, finding young ones like this to pass the world on to gives me hope for mankind in general. So often we hear the worst things about youth. Now I feel like the world has been cheated by her passing so soon. I will miss her postings about working on their boat home, about her working at the ships in SF, about her quiet, but not so thinly veiled excitement about Luc coming home, about her knot work, about visiting other historical vessels, about the dogs, about horse rides… Just a few weeks ago I sent her a message telling her how much her adventures made me smile and how glad I was she posted them. Her response, “thank you”. “Thank you” fate for letting me meet her.


My own daughter is 50 this year, trying to wrap my head around what the loss of the last 23 years of her life would have been like leaves me just aching for your family. As we celebrated Christmas yesterday, sitting at the table waiting for my family to get seated, I was thinking of Luc, fighting back tears while I was supposed to be having a joyous occasion. I have been a widow before, I have remarried happily, but I so clearly remember the pain of losing the one you are most intimate with in your life. It will not be easy for him, and it will never go away. I pray you all keep him in your hearts, and remember it is not just at this time, but it is forever. New life and new love may come along someday, but his loss will never be gone, nor will yours.

I have posted a link to her Entwined article on my FB page. She painted her own portrait in that piece.



One thought on “From Elli Naill

  1. You have said it all, I will miss seeing what the future would have brought for those two and I know Luc will still be my ” adopted ” darling. Bless you for the thoughtful and most intimate portrait you have given in your comforting words, Barb

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