Thank you Ariane Paul for this beautiful montage…



One thought on “Montage

  1. Dear Annie, My deepest sympathy for you and your family. I do know what it is like to loose a Sister…As I have lost two …However, know that she will never leave you,she stays right there in your heart. Ask her, if you have a pressing question, that maybe only she, may know the answer to , in a form, in a way you might not see right away or realize, she will answer. God Bless you and your family …One last remark…
    Ali’s contribution to our yacht club was remarkable. With her hard work and attention to detail, she made some wonderful lasting changes to our club. Of the many improvements she made, there is one that stands out for me; In just a short time she transformed our old parking lot that had looked very rustic, for at least 20 years, in to a rich grand entrance for our club. Being our Port Captain there were countless improvements that she executed and completed, She was dearly loved and respected as you may imagine.Dear sweet Ali, you will be dearly missed.
    Maggie Hutchinson, From the Point San Pablo Yacht Club.

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