From Victoria Allen

I am writing on behalf of the National Park Service’s Horace Albright Training Center at the Grand Canyon. I work at the training center; but 5 months before I started working here, I was in class with Ali and 49 other NPS employees who had the pleasure of sharing 2 weeks at the Grand Canyon with Ali.

Ali’s death has … affected? … me personally, not just as an NPS employee. She was around my age. She seemed to face challenges calmly yet not hide her emotions. She was articulate but not garrulous unless it was more fun that way 🙂 She seemed so fulfilled with the life she had built for herself, despite its deviation from what some consider "the norm." And I am trying to share the wonder of her personality both with myself and with friends who did not know her. Not that I knew her well…..but I so appreciated her persona.

Attached are 3 photos of Ali that one of the instructors found among our class photos.
I have also included the "student profile" that Ali filled out when she arrived at the Training Center for class.

Thank you for posting these stories so those of us who just touched the surface can continue to get to know her.

Sincerely, and with Love to Ali’s friends and family,

Alison Maheu Student Bio (Feb 2012).pdf